So This is What a Calling Feels Like…

A lot can happen in a year. Time brings changes, good and bad. 2012 was a good year, between getting married to The Mathematician, adopting the Furry Orange Yarn Menace (to keep The Queen company), and what was that other change…?

Oh yes. Beginning at the library, or more accurately, beginning to get paid for the work I was happily doing for free on a volunteer basis. Today marks the anniversary of my first day on the job, the first day of the best job I’ve had so far.

I love my work at the library. I love being surrounded by books. I love seeing that children still adore a certain big red dog, still seek out a certain mischievous cat, and see the library as a fun place to go. I love that when someone asks me to help them find, for example, poetry, I can show them exactly where to find it, and if I go back a few minutes later, I’ll see them thumbing through books, lost in the words. I love the click of recognition when a patron asks for a specific book, seeing their delight when they realize you’ve read it too. I love that I have a shelf of my own staff picks; you must understand, that had been a life goal. I love seeing evidence around me, every day, that leisure reading is most emphatically not dead. I love working in a place that serves such a vital role in the community. I even love the hectic mornings when everyone is trying to get on top of the workload, and even working as a team, we can’t quite get ahead, but it’s still an adrenaline rush to try. And here’s another secret confession: I love alphabetizing and putting things in their places.

This is where I was meant to be.


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