Scatter-brained much? Or, How I Lost My Blog

Ever have one of those days when you can’t find your keys? Or you set the coffee cup down on the car and almost forget it, driving off without it? Or walk out the door without the books you were planning to return to the library? Yeeeeeah, been there, done that. And then some.

I lost my blog. This blog, in fact. I knew it existed. I remembered creating it. I was pretty sure I had posted in it a couple of times or so. I knew it had “yarn” somewhere in the title, but flipping through my e-mail accounts and online accounts turned up nothing as it had no comments. So I did what comes naturally after a long search: I resigned myself to replacing the missing item, and lo, as soon as I went to create a new one, I found my WordPress login and the blog along with it.

Time to revive this thing. I’m in a readers advisory class this semester, and I plan to use this, along with my Goodreads account, to keep track of things as I read them and get more practice reviewing. And hopefully this time, I won’t lose the keys again.


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