This coming week is Mystery/Suspense week in my RA class. I’ve narrowed down my list, first by things I haven’t read, then to books that I’ve meant to read, and then to books that were on-shelf:


John Grisham: An author I know of and know roughly what he’s about, but one I’ve never read. I’ve seen the movies, and that has generally been enough for me (is that a booklover heresy? Feels like it should be).

Spencer Quinn: My husband has read a couple books in the series and enjoyed them, and moreover, my father-in-law, who doesn’t normally read much fiction, enjoyed this one; sounds like an interesting departure from the typical feline detective mystery.

M.J. McGrath: The striking, simple cover art intrigued me every time I shelved it, but as mysteries are not my typical fare, I never tried it. Once I read the blurb, the arctic setting and half-Inuit female protagonist sound like elements I would enjoy.

Agatha Christie: I never read any of this classic author’s works, though I used to keep my grandmother supplied in her mysteries (as well as BBC renditions thereof). Cozies are one subgenre I probably won’t read much of on my own unless I push myself, so I feel like this is an opportunity to do so.

Dashiel Hammett: I know Sam Spade is the archetypal gumshoe, literary grandaddy to my beloved Harry Dresden, but again, this is one I’ve never read myself.

I need only read one of these, minimum, or two if I want full points, but it’s going to be a tough choice. I think I’ll go with one classic and one contemporary one. Or I could just go full-out and try them all…

Thoughts? Recommendations? Have you read any of these?


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  1. Read Agatha Cristie. I am not a fan of mystery or suspense novels but I like her work. I also like Dorothy Sayers. Happy Reading!

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