Review: A Week to be Wicked

My foray into the world of historical romances continues, this time with Tessa Dare and her Spindle Cove series. I enjoyed the first one, A Night to Surrender, but I adored second book A Week to be Wicked.

The pairing of outspoken bluestocking Miranda and roguish Colin was broadcast loud and clear at the end of the first book, but they are absolutely delightful in their own installment. Determined to present her findings of a fossil to the Royal Geological Society of Scotland, Miranda presents a bold plan to Colin, who is dying of restlessness in Spindle Cove: take her to Scotland, pitch it as an elopement, then tell everyone it just didn’t work out. Will there be danger on the road? Oh yes. Spirited bickering between two feisty spirits? Definitely. Sparks flying? Of course. But oh, the journey is a fun one.

Miranda is a woman out of her time, a bookish intellectual more comfortable with research than ballrooms. The sister of beautiful Diana, she is used to being overlooked. And take it from this shy, bookish girl: wanting to be valued for intelligence doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt sometimes not to be admired for looks. Colin is, as rogues in these stories generally are, actually rather traumatized behind his happy-go-lucky façade. But he’s also imaginative and mischievous and in spite of himself, appreciative of a woman who can spar with him blow for blow (an exchange of mathematical innuendo between them had me snickering in amusement). Swoon.

Some of the trials along the way are ridiculous, and Colin’s wild tales he spins to fellow travelers along the way are even more so, but they are highly entertaining (and they do sometimes backfire, to hilarious effect). Besides, one can’t expect a weeklong journey of debauchery to go off completely without incident now.

A Week to be Wicked is dedicated “For all the girls who walk and read at the same time,” and it works. I did not walk anywhere with this book, though. I curled up in an armchair, buried my nose in it, and just devoured it in a couple sittings.


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