I love a good yarn. More specifically, I love the fibery goodness and the story-filled kinds. It seems only apt that they come together on this blog.

I’ve been playing with yarn for over half of my life now and exploring books for even longer. To sate the love of yarn, I partake of crochet, dabble in knitting, do a little bit of weaving, and plan to try my hand at spinning soon. It’s a relatively straightforward progression: gaining mastery in one craft, moving on to the next, and finally figuring out how to make my own yarn.

My love of literary yarns took me down a path of two English degrees and a six-year stint as a teacher, a job that I admire but am not cut out for. Luckily, I have been able to transition into a career in the public library, where I specialize in serving the senior population for our branch while working on my MLIS degree (anticipated graduation December 2015 May 2016). Update: MLIS achieved. Now to grow my position while I wait for dream job to appear :).

So this blog is intended to be about my yarny adventures as well as my library ones. Join me?


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